Private Lessons

Private lessons are the primary mode of instruction for Largesse students.

Private instruction provides an opportunity to work through the basics of the instrument, details of new technique, and to carefully prepare new repertoire. Every step of learning is taken with an eye to preparing for the most advanced pieces right from day one. Experience tells us that achieving a high level of ability requires a close collaborative effort between teacher, student and parent.

Private lessons at Largesse are included as part of the basic registration package. Lessons are held weekly at a set time through the teaching season (September to June). Typically a student will begin with a 30 minute private lesson, increasing to 45 minutes or an hour as the student progresses.

Parents are expected to attend all private lessons to allow them to provide proper support to the student during practice sessions at home. While the parent’s role will change over time, the active engagement of parents is an important part of student success at any age. At Largesse we feel that community support is a key to musical growth, and we encourage parents to share experiences, tips, challenges and successes with each other.