Welcome to Largesse!

Largesse School of Musical Arts located in Edmonton, Alberta is dedicated to the growth and development of young people through excellence in music. We believe that the study of a musical instrument is an opportunity for your child to develop a range of skills that will provide benefits in every area of your child’s life. Experience tells us that achieving an advanced level of skill requires a close collaborative effort between teacher, student and parent. We know that by surrounding a child with at rich and supportive musical community, every child can accomplish a high level of ability. Most importantly, we love to make music and want you to join us!

“Music exists for the purpose of growing an admirable heart.”

Shinichi Suzuki

We offer lessons in violin and viola, through a carefully structured program consisting of both private and group lessons. No one is too young or too old to learn about music!

Private lessons are offered at the length appropriate to the student, and are the primary mode of instruction. Private instruction provides an opportunity to work through the basics of the instrument, details of new technique, and to carefully prepare new repertoire. Every step of learning is taken with an eye to preparing for the most advanced pieces right from day one.

Participating in an active community of musicians is essential at every stage of development. Group lessons provide an opportunity to share the joy of making music with others, to fine-tune established technique, to review repertoire, and to establish meaningful connections with people who share your passion for music.

There’s always something going on! Find out what’s happening at Largesse, and in Edmonton’s learning and performing arts community.

Lessons are available at locations in Clareview and Millwoods.

To register for lessons or to find out more about Largesse please contact us at

Ph: 780-996-6874
Email: questions@largessemusic.ca