Frequently Asked Questions…

A beginning student will usually receive a 30 minute lesson each week. After a few years of study this will increase to 45 or eventually 60 minutes as the student progresses.

Parents have a very important role as the home practice ‘coach’. It is during home practice that the majority of skill development happens, and so the guidance of a knowledgable adult is crucial. If you don’t feel knowledgeable don’t worry; you will learn what you need to know during the lessons you attend!

Instruments can be found through an established instrument dealer (buy or rent), or can be bought from another student (look on the Largesse Instrument page or a classified site such as Kijiji). If you are new to your instrument or uncertain about what you need, Myhre’s Music and Bella Music are established dealers with a good reputation in Edmonton.

For growing children, I prefer the instrument to fit so that the student can comfortably wrap the fingers of a straight left arm around the scroll. While a larger instrument may be tempting (so they’ll ‘grow into it’ or because of a bigger sound), usually a large instrument will make it more difficult for a student to develop a good, strong and relaxed technique.

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